About Us

The Blind Cooperative “Nadodrze” was established in 1960. During the early period of its operation, it manufactured products for the following industries:
wood industry: brushes
metal industry: mesh fences, bed mesh, curtain rods, extension cords, fuel lines and brake hoses for passenger cars and delivery vans.
Later the company underwent many transformations aiming at adapting its offer to customers’ needs. In 1990s, the Cooperative focused on developing the production operations in respect of components for liquid and gas transfer systems in household appliances, among others, in gas cookers, refrigerators, freezers and tumble dryers. The Cooperative employs 170 people.
Currently the production involves the above-mentioned range of products. “Nadodrze” manufactures its products for many well-known and reputable household appliance producers.
Qualified personnel and modern machinery guarantee high quality of our products, ensuring full conformity of the production with ROHS under the ISO Integrated Quality Management System, which has been operating in the company since 2005. We have also been granted the safety mark B regarding the production of tubing for gas cooker systems.
The Blind Cooperative “Nadodrze” has the status of a sheltered workshop.

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